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Monthly reports give snapshots of how your program's doing

Easy-to-digest charts show apprentice progress

Visual Progress

Reminders for OJT submittal and ongoing progress

Accessible Anywhere

Timely Notifications

Monthly Reports

Apprentices Notified

Monthly Schedule

Apprentices are notified to submit their monthly time cards by text message, email, or app notification

On Submit

Coordinator Reports

Supervisors Notified

Coordinators get an update on how the program's doing this month, who submitted and who did not


Supervisors are notified when apprentices submit so they can review submitted hours


Roofers and Waterproofers Apprenticeship Commitee

State Center City Community College District

San Joaquin Delta Community College

Used by

Livermore, CA

Northern California Automotive And Machinist Joint Apprenticeship Committee

Stockton, CA

Oakland, CA

Oakhurst, CA

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